This is Not Your Average (NYA) Concealed Carry Class! Prepare to get TRAINED. If you are ever in a situation where you must draw your weapon in self-defense, your hands-on training with our experienced pros may mean the difference between life and death. This is an ideal introductory class for beginners and a great refresher for gun owners. This course satisfies the requirements for the Concealed Carry permit application in the State of Florida. It includes gun safety, function, use and handling, plus important state firearms laws. THIS IS A LIVE FIRE COURSE.




Nationally recognized and certified firearms instructor with over 30 years of shooting experience on the range and in the field, both domestic and internationally. Herfel is an expert in crisis management and active shooter response. He has enjoyed competitive shooting since he was 11 years old.

Who has Trained With HTP


  • "Fue una experiencia increíble. Al final del día, me quedé impresionado por todo lo que había aprendido y por lo mucho que me sentía más cómodo con las armas de fuego".
  • "Todo fue práctico, lo que aprecié mucho más que el salón de clases estándar. Me divertí mucho y aprendí mucho, ¡definitivamente valió cada centavo y recomiendo esta clase a cualquiera que busque entrenamiento con armas de fuego!"
  • "Su instrucción fue clara y se tomó el tiempo para responder a todas mis preguntas. También brindó comentarios durante la sesión, lo que realmente aprecié. Hágase un favor y elija este curso en lugar de otros que no ofrecen la capacitación adecuada".
  • "¡La clase de Herfel fue excelente! Fui con 3 amigos y lo disfruté mucho y su experiencia. Fue divertido, informativo y muy diferente de lo que escuché que son la mayoría de las clases de CCW. ¡Toma su clase! ¡Vale la pena!"
  • "Herfel's class was excellent! I went with 3 friends and thoroughly enjoyed it and his expertise. It was fun, informative, and very different from what I hear most CCW classes are. Take his class! It's worth it!"
    Christian B
  • "His instruction was clear and he took the time to answer all of my questions. He also provided feedback throughout the session, which I really appreciated. Do yourself a favor and choose this course over others that don’t offer proper training."
    Lorrie W
  • "Everything was hands on which i appreciated way more than the standard classroom setting. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot, definitely worth every penny and recommend this class to anyone looking for firearm training!!"
    Jennylee B
  • "It was an awesome experience. At the end of the day I was blown away by how much I had learned and how much more comfortable I became with firearms."
    Sean R



What You Need to Bring

  • Drivers License or a valid government issued photo ID
  • Hearing and Eye protection
  • Sturdy Belt (must be able to hold up the weight of a pistol and magazine holder)
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Photo ID
  • Water, food, snacks (for duration of course)
  • Form of Payment: We accept Cash, Check (or) Credit Card
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    How much does the class cost?

  • The Price of this Course is $ 250
  • Early Bird Rate of $200 Ends Friday!
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    Location & Duration of the Course

  • 5 Hours of Training
  • 4845 FL-44, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 (inside the Volusia County Gun Club) Aprox 30 mins from Downtown Orlando
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    Does Florida Issue Concealed Carry Permits?

    Florida is a Shall Issue State and Florida issues concealed weapons licenses. In 1987, Florida passed a concealed weapon license law that was non-discretionary and guaranteed concealed weapon licenses to be issued to anyone in Florida that meets the set requirements. This law was revised in 1993 to allow any citizen not living in Florida to obtain a Florida Concealed Weapon License. As of 12/31/2014, Florida has issued 1,345,558 concealed weapon licenses.

    How Long is a Florida Concealed Weapon License valid for?

    Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm Licenses that were issued on or after June 11, 2008, are valid for seven years. Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm Licenses that were issued before June 11, 2008, are only valid for five years. You can find the expiration date on the front of your license.

    How Much is a Florida Concealed Weapons License?

    The initial fee for a Florida Concealed Weapon License for residents and non-residents is $102 which includes a $42 fingerprint processing fee and a $60 initial license fee. Renewals for residents cost $50 and for non-residents is $92 which includes a $42 fingerprint processing fee. The cost is $15 to obtain a revised or duplicate copy of your Florida Concealed Weapon License. There is no $42 fingerprint processing fee for Active Florida Law Enforcement Officers. If you are a Florida Law Enforcement Officer that has retired within a year, there are no initial fees. If you have been retired for more than one year, the initial fee is $72 which includes a $40 fingerprint processing fee and a $30 initial license fee. Renewals for all retired Florida Law Enforcement Officers cost $30. There are no charges whatsoever for active Judges. The initial and renewal fees for a Consular Security Official is $300.


    In a world that’s changing one thing is certain, YOU are your family’s first line of defense.


    Video of actual class and student


    • Hearing protection supplied
    • Firearm use supplied ($25 value - for the duration of the class).
    • Ammo supplied ($30 value - for class use).
    • When Can I Legally Shoot booklet download ($19.95 value).
    • Travel Guide for Gun Owners booklet download ($19.95 value).
    • Florida Castle Doctrine booklet download ($19.95 value)
    • Handling a Police Traffic Stop booklet download ($19.95 value)
    • Surviving Road Rage booklet download ($19.95 value)


    Only Few Spots Left. Hurry, because our early bird rate ends Wednesday!